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Introducing our new course, “A Tiered Approach to Educator Well-Being”

Looking for CEUs this summer? Looking for a way to support your mental health and well-being? Are you curious about how the system in which you work impacts you? We are excited to offer a self-paced online course for 12 CEUs that introduces you to a Tiered Approach to Educator Well-Being.

A Fresh take on a familiar concept

Traditionally, educators think of a “tiered approach” as a means for supporting students. We expanded on the tiered concept and designed a method to specifically support educators’ workplace wellness.

In this course you will:

  • Explore the intersection of mental health and work

  • Learn about the Wellness Wheel

  • Dig into the concepts of burnout, demoralization, and workplace stress

  • Refocus on the things you can control

  • Explore organization-wide individual and systemic strategies and interventions to support educators’ well-being

  • Deepen your understanding that feeling the impact of your work is normal and there is nothing wrong with you

  • Receive a variety of free materials, including a downloadable workbook that you may use alone or in group study outside of the course, an online version of the Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQoL), and a Personal Wellness Plan

Burnout is not new

Long before COVID, burnout in teaching was at an all-time high. As we’re moving to a post-pandemic world, we need to spend extra time focusing on our overall health. As people who have personally experienced burnout and demoralization in our careers, we believe it’s imperative to reframe how we view workplace well-being.

We recognize that burnout and fatigue naturally arise in relationally-based occupations such as education. More importantly, we must examine the systems that contribute to burnout, stress, and demoralization. We designed “A Tiered Approach to Educator Well-being” as something we wish we would’ve had in the 1990s at the start of our professional lives.

Invest in your Well-being

This course is not just about checking a CEU box; it’s about investing in yourself. We can’t serve our students well without first taking care of ourselves. We present individual and systemic concepts, strategies, and practices to help you achieve a healthier work/life balance. This course will help you mentally prepare for a strong, healthy school year and will continue to support you throughout your career.

Interested in learning more?

Be on the lookout for our next course: A Tiered Approach for Mental Health Professionals and Social Workers coming later this summer!

Take good care and we’ll be in touch soon.

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