Do you want the super unofficial down-to-earth answer that I give over cocktails? 


I’m a former high school English teacher who is super geeked about education. It’s what lights me up. So now I am working with teachers because I want to connect you with education ideas that light you up too! 


But Holy Hannah, there is so much info out there--a million books and programs and websites and curriculums and research and initiatives--all promising you some magic formula for creating success in your classroom. Let’s be real. There is no magic formula. Teaching is deeply personal. You are not the same as anyone else in your building and neither are your students. So you have to find your own way to that sweet teaching spot. 


I personally tend to approach teaching ideas as though I am approaching a big, beautiful glorious buffet. I believe in a cafeteria-style approach to all of the teacherly things. When I taught, I read, researched, consulted colleagues, studied what was out there-- the evidence-based books and programs and methods that had “ the answers”--and found what worked for me, what worked for my personality and above all, what worked to help me connect to my students and to connect my students to the learning. 


We all want to create an environment where students feel a sense of belonging, where they are engaged, where they feel they are included and valued and where they can learn, right? But there is no one-size-fits-all program or framework or curriculum that can do that for you. That comes from you. You have to load up your own teaching tray with whatever ideas from the big buffet that speak to you.


But what do you pick off of the buffet? It can be overwhelming to be sure. So here I am, digging through all of the teacherly things out there and trying to organize it into some semblance of order so you pick and choose the things that light you up. Because once you are geeked, once you are all lit up, that passion--that’s how you create success in your classroom. 

Check out my teaching philosophy here!


How Can I Help You?

My goal is to assist schools in identifying and focusing on critical, high-needs areas for system change and improvement. I approach these goals with a focus on strengthening those three crucial components to ensure a positive and consistent learning environment. In partnership, I work with educators to:

  • Identify patterns of disproportionality in data that perpetuate systemic inequity

  • Ensure that school-wide behavior systems, expectations, rituals, and routines are common, consistent and equitable across the building

  • Ensure that classroom expectations are consistent and tied into school-wide expectations

  • Support Implementation of school-wide behavior systems

  • Support administration/leadership teams with progress monitoring

  • Support school-wide creation of Comprehensive Classroom Management Plans

  • Support the creation and evaluation of engaging, highly rigorous instruction

  • Identify and strengthen responsive teaching strategies

  • Synthesize and implement the latest research around developing relationships

  • Integrate the Four Rs (Relationships, Relevance, Rigor and Realness) of culturally responsive teaching into practice

  • Understand and utilize proactive components for classroom success

  • These are just examples of the ways I can support growth and transformation in education. I work with each district, school, team, or individual to tailor the work to specific, personalized goals.

For more information about my work, check out my nifty online resume-y website here. 


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