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Professional Learning with the T3 Model


The core of my work with the T3 Model is with Professional Learning Communities. 

A Professional Learning Communities (PLC) is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and student learning. At its core, the shared goal of every PLC is student success.

The Teacherly approach is to create small educator cohorts that use the T3 Model to guide the work enhancing equity-focused, responsive, and engaging student-centered instruction.


In these small cohorts, educators work together throughout the school year to develop and refine responsive teaching practices to improve the depth and breadth of engagement for all students in their classrooms.


Typically, PLCs center on answering these questions, popularized by Rick DuFour:

  1. What do we want all students to know and be able to do?

  2. How will we know if they learn it?

  3. How will we respond when some students do not learn?

  4. How will we extend the learning for students who are already proficient?

Using the T3 Model, we answer these questions by examining the systems we have established to support our students, exploring and experimenting with engagement strategies that center on student interests, abilities, learning styles, and strengths, and finally by exploring the importance of relationship development and it impacts on student success. 


Educators can expect to:

  • explore and unpack big ideas and buzz words common in education today

  • identify and implement practices to strengthen student engagement

  • learn to gather and analyze data around student engagement

  • evaluate, discuss, share ideas and strategies for engagement and relationship building

  • examine classroom systems of support for students

  • dive into reflective practice

  • work to create rich environments that support student exploration, discovery and learning 

 Interested in learning more? Let's chat! 




Erin Anderson, Director of Charter School Authorizing
Osprey Wilds Charter Schools

Jen’s firsthand experience, wealth of knowledge, and sense of humor empowered our teachers. She brought great energy to our team!

Kara Cisco, Social Studies Teacher, St. Louis Park High School
St. Louis Park, MN

Jen Goepfert implements a strength-based approach to coaching which supports teachers in a way which affirms and develops our capacity to produce restorative, responsive lessons which engage every learner. Jen's ability to compassionately (and measurably) transform teaching and learning through the lens of equity and engagement is the primary reason why I have recommended her to countless schools over the years. She is a tireless advocate for transformative learning!

Christina Modlin, Science Teacher
East Range Academy of Technology and Science
Mountain Iron, MN

 You have been such a huge support this year. Thank you for guiding me, and for being a place to feel heard and validated! 

You have helped me grow so much as a teacher these last two years!

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