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Join Class Hacks to discuss and discover the tools and techniques we need to fulfill our unrelenting objective - to change the world one lesson, one class, one student at a time. We are every kind of educator: community college, K-12, support staff. Some of us aren't teachers at all. All are welcome here. If you cultivate learning in any way, you belong in this group. Go ahead and click the link above to join our book club!

What is Class Hacks? 

My passion for my work inevitably extends into my personal life. A year ago, two colleagues and I established a progressive educator group.

We are educators that come from different schools. Different settings. Different age groups and different content area but we have one thing in common: we all seek out the opportunity to regularly build bridges across districts to learn from each other and grow, so that we may spark disruption in education, unsettle the status quo and innovate together towards a future where all classrooms are equitable, demographically unpredictable, and guided by the principles of social justice.

We are educators committed to interrupting the status quo through facilitated book club discussions and experiential professional development. We are committed to a world where every educator feels empowered to educate every student. Join us in our ongoing to journey to be disruptive. Check out Class Hacks here! 

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